You are not going to believe this unique product that will hold any article of clothing in place ...

It Stays Body AdhesiveIt Stays! Body Adhesive to help hold up stockings, without garters, or attaching anything to the body! It Stays!

"It Stays!" Roll-On Body Adhesive may be used by men, women and children to hold any article in place against your skin. "It Stays!" is pliable & moves with your body. Washes off easily with water, leaving no stain.

It Stays Can Be Used For!

Order It Stays Body Adhesive Now! - $7.49 a bottle
  • Compression Stockings in Place
  • Socks & Other Garments
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Even Wigs
  • Helps Hold Toupees
  • Helps Hold Breast Forms In Place
  • Theatrical Make-up and Devices
  • & More...

It Stays! Body Adhesive Really Works!

  1. It Stays Body Adhesive. It Stays will hold up support and surgical stockings, anti- embolism stockings, surgical and orthopedic belts and devices, athletic taping, eyeglasses, men's and women's socks, knee socks, nylons, pantyhose, shoulder straps, wigs, toupees, theatrical make up and devices, or anything else you want to stay put!

  2. But don't take our word for it, listen to what others are saying...

"I was continually tearing my support hose because they wouldnt stay up. Very costly for me to always have to purchase new ones. It Stays is a wonderful product and it works perfectly for me . Stays up tell I take them off. " —Glenda, Customer

"This stuff is magic. I have spent the last few years pulling up my support knee highs at least every few hours because they were constantly falling down and digging into my ankles. It is so fabulous that with it stays, my hosiery stays up ALL DAY. I have had them on for 8 hours and my socks are exactly where they were when I put them on this morning. I hope whoever invented this is rich because they sooooo deserve to be. I am stocking up because... I will be using it everyday!" —Jacki, Customer

"I can't believe it actually works! I use it for my breast forms and it really does stay! I am almost out and am having an anxiety attack! " —Rachel Customer

"My Mother is ready for her 3rd bottle and loves it. I just started using it, and am amazed that it keeps my sox from falling down into my shoes! It's wonderful stuff. " —Steve Customer

It Stays Body Adhesive is so flexible, you will never know it's there.

It Stays is so flexible, you will never know it's there. Roll-on applicator applies with ease, gives complete comfort and flexibility of movement. Simply apply small amount to skin to hold article in place, for example at the top band of the stocking. Not irritating to skin.

Order It Stays Body Adhesive Now! - $7.49 a bottle

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True Story: A friend of mine bought some of this in the mid-eighties to hold up some support stockings that she had to wear. (It was in the white plastic roller ball container with the red lettering just like the pictures only the bottle had a different design.) She used it occasionally to hold her regular stockings up, too. Then, she forgot about it. Three weeks ago she got a total knee replacement. She has to wear "compression hose" from the toes to the butt. Because they don't stay up, and are a real pain.

Last week, she noticed the "It Stays" Body Fixative that had been sitting on the shelf for twenty years. She assumed that it would be all dried out, but, no, it was still wet. She used some, and it still works great!! It keeps her compression hose up, but they peel off without a great deal of pain, and both her leg and the hose clean off easily with water. If you are having trouble with your hosiery staying up, then give this a try. Her's cost about $6.00 in the mid-eighties, so it hasn't even gone up in price a great deal over the last twenty-five years. .

It Stays is so great we are proud to bring you...

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"I use It Stays for a slightly different purpose. I play softball on friday nights. I've worn spandex thigh and knee braces on both legs for muscle support and warmth. After years of having to constantly tug the braces up and into position during games, I stumbled on It Stays. Rolls right on, washes right off. The braces now stay in place like never before, even with all the sweat I produce playing. If you need clothes to stay in place on your body....this is for you!! !"
—Johnny P.

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It Stays Body Adhesive

Order It Stays Body Adhesive Now! - $7.49 a bottle

Order Toll-Free 800-504-7315


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